Monday, February 16, 2009


Just let them CUT!

If you get those crafty scissors, the littles can't cut themselves. I have a set of 20, but if you just have a few its still a blast for them . Get a few pieces of paper out, and let them have at it, Riley spent 1 whole hour doing this. Its a little bit of a cleanup, but if you get them to help, its not that big of a deal

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ice Sculptures

This is the second activity of our rainy day. I saw it on PBS kids. Here's how ya do it:

1. Find a bunch of different containers
2. Fill them with water
3. Freeze them overnight or longer
4. Lay a towel on the table, get some tools from the kitchen
(I used a fork, a wood skewer, a spoon , a paint brush, & some bowls with food coloring)
5. Pop the ice out and let them at it! We stacked them, pushed them around the table like a hockey puck, painted them, poked and prodded them, and towards the end Riley was sucking on the ice cubes.

At first, she wasn't super fond of this, she only spent about 15 minutes on it. We left to the store and I left it on the table, when we got back, she went and played with it for about 45 minutes, I'd say that's some good time for Mom!


I found this little activity in Family Fun Magazine, although theirs was a lot better. Today is a very rainy day,(as you can tell, she's still in her jammies) so we will do another activity later. Now Riley has a place to put the Valentines she got from friends and Grandparents, then later use the purse for dress up.

the materials are:

Felt ( I think it was 27 cents a square at Michaels)
Whole punch
Ribbon or Yarn
Simply poke holes in both hearts in the same spots, then loop your ribbon through. Use the excess ribbon to make a handle for the purse and tie in a knot at the top.
( Great activity for developing their fine motor skills)