Thursday, July 15, 2010

Is your Mama a Llama?

If you haven't heard of this book - where have you been? I got the book on CD from the library (the books on CD are a great way to get some variety in reading books, so they don't always
have to hear my boring voice)

Anyways, the llama is looking for his mama, and asks all the other animals, "Is your mama a llama?" They all say no, then descibe (with really good adjectives) what their mama looks like.

After we read the book, we pulled out all the stuffed animals, threw them all on a blanket. Then began sorting.

I would ask who can find a duck? Who can find another? I went through, until all the animals were matched up.
During this, I also asked the kids to describe details about each animal, for example:
What color is the penguins tummy?
What does the duck say?
How many bears are there?
So on and so forth.

And of course they put them ALL away before we finished.
(this activity is very similer to my other animal sort, I just used a book to help)

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